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A voucher from our hotel is the perfect gift. No matter if you’re looking for a gift for a private anniversary, birthday, wedding, for Christmas or another happy occasion. This voucher is a gift that brings lasting memories.

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Your voucher with invoice will be sent as soon as possible by mail (3 days within Germany, delivery to foreign destinations can take up to a week) to the address above. This voucher is valid immediately upon receipt of your payment. If the voucher is to be used at a later date it is possible that price adjustments will be made and these will be charged to the guest at the time of the stay. This applies to package vouchers and not to vouchers for a specific amount. Vouchers can only be redeemed at our hotel and will not be paid out in cash or transferred to third parties whose names do not appear on the voucher.

Bank transfers are to be carried out with reference to name and the voucher number to following bank account:

  • Hotel Krone Igelsberg
  • Volksbank Freudenstadt/Horb:   IBAN: DE 02 642 910 100 037 692 003
  • For foreign transfers:                  BIC: GENODESIFDS

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"8-Day Stay for Epicureans" at Our Hotel Close to Freudenstadt
6-Day Break
"I’m off for four days"
"14 four 13"


"I’m off for four days"
Saison-Ausklang-Wochen 4 Nächte / 3 bezahlen von So-Do oder Mo- Fr
"14 four 13"


New Year’s Package 2023/2024 (minimumstay 5 nights)
Christmas Package


Weekend Package
5 days with 4 nights over the weekend

The most popular arrangements

Weekend Package
5-Day Break (4 nights)
6-Day Break
Senioren-Residenz Hotel für Langzeit Bucher
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"8-Day Stay for Epicureans" at Our Hotel Close to Freudenstadt
For a stay dedicated to well-being at our spa hotel - whenever you like
6-Day Break
Whenever you like…
Weekend Package
3 happy days with half board accommodation
5-Day Break (4 nights)
zum Wandern und Relaxen
"I’m off for four days"
4-day break (3 nights)

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