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Holidays in the Black Forest

No matter whether you come alone, with your partner or with your family, the Black Forest provides ample opportunities to enjoy a wide range of outdoor leisure activities, nature experiences and cultural highlights as well as, of course, culinary delights in an amazing countryside. We assure you a restful stay!

At our conveniently located hotel in the Black Forest, you can enjoy all the available leisure activities in this sought-after holiday destination. Inspired by the lovely hills with prairies and woodlands, the holiday guests can take enjoyable and extensive hikes in the marvellous natural scenery. You can explore the Black Forest landscape independently, equipped with a hiking map, by following the well-marked hiking trails. Or you can take part in guided hikes, during which you can easily make contact to other holiday guests. Numerous chairlifts, cable cars and the highest funicular in Baden-Württemberg facilitate the climb to the hilltops, from which you can savour the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Nature lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit Ruhestein National Park, where you can discover the fascinating wildlife and learn many interesting facts about local fauna and flora.

Spending your holidays in the Black Forest, however, does not in any way mean that your have to forego culture and history. There are many cultural sites to discover in the local area, such as castles, palaces and museums. A visit to the Castle in Rastatt is particularly advisable. It is the oldest among the numerous baroque-style residences to be found along the upper Rhine. The majestic construction impresses the visitors with the characteristic geometrical unity of park and urban features, with the palace set in the very centre. For the young holiday guests a visit to the Hauff Märchenmuseum (Fairy-tale Museum) in the town of Baiersbronn is undoubtedly a highlight during holidays. The children are always amazed to see the fairy-tale figures, such as witches, wizards and fairies, brought to life.

Back at the hotel, you can taste a piece of the famous “Schwarzwälder Kirschkuchen” (Black Forest cherry cake). And afterwards dinner can be arranged with local delicacies. Authentic Black Forest ham is a culinary delight which can be prepared in many ways. Our guests often can’t resist the temptation of taking home a big piece of this local speciality. And if you are still keen on Black Forest delicacies, you can participate in a culinary hike including the tasting of various local treats.

The Black Forest is always worth a visit, whether you are interested in culture, nature or fine food. At our hotel the holiday guests enjoy excellent comfort and a restful and relaxing stay.


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