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"Feast of Corpus Christi" Week End Break
From May 31 to June 3, 2018
6-Day Break
Whenever you like…
"Krone Spezial" - 4 day stay
For a pampering break at short notice
Hockenheimring mit dem AMG GT S "mehr geht nicht"
Rennstrecken-Training mit Jan Seyffarth
6-Day Break
Whenever you like…
"Schnattern und Shoppen" Ladys Weekend
nur für Damen und mit den AMG GT-S zum Shoppen nach Metzingen
“Only For Me“ – 8-Day stay
For rest and relaxation
"8-Day Stay for Epicureans" at Our Hotel Close to Freudenstadt
For a stay dedicated to well-being at our spa hotel - whenever you like
Weekend Package
3 happy days with half board accommodation
Wellness weekend
3 pampering days for Her and Him

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Weather Info Freudenstadt in the Black Forest

★★★★ Hotel Krone Igelsberg Spa Hotel close to Freudenstadt in the Black Forest
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