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Schneeflöckchen-Tage / 5 Nächte HP + Anwendungen
Anreise nur am Sonntag / Abreise Freitag (04.02.- 09.03.2018)
4-day Krone "Special"
For a pampering break at short notice
6 Tage "Alles außer närrisch"
09.02.2018 - 14.02.2018
6-Day Break
Whenever you like…
“Only For Me“ – 8-Day stay
For rest and relaxation
"8-Day Stay for Epicureans" at Our Hotel Close to Freudenstadt
For a stay dedicated to well-being at our spa hotel - whenever you like
Weekend Package
3 happy days with half board accommodation
Wellness weekend
3 pampering days for Her and Him

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