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AMG GT/S Event und Driving

Your satisfaction is our benchmark

Just as we lead our hotel with passion and perfection, we also aim to achieve your complete satisfaction and happiness in every detail after everyAMG driving event. You can rest assuredthat both the comfort of the hotel, as well as the culinary highlights and exclusive delights from the kitchen and cellar will be an extraordinarily special experience for you. Pleasure and fun are our number one priority.

Time just for you

At our hotel this year we havedeveloped an offer for you with our AMG event programme, which is perfectly tailor-made for your exclusive and unforgettable weekend experience. We will fulfil your wishes for an automotive experience with brand new AMG GT/S super sports cars and a relaxed weekend filled with sporting activity and culinary delights. Select Select your desired dates and register by email or by phone on +49 7442 84280. Furthermore, as this event should remain exclusive and individual, the programme is limited to a maximum of 6 self-driving participants.


 Time for you or your partner

One half wants to, the other half doesn’t want to – for us that’s no problem at all. Let yourself or your partner be pampered at our hotel with our beauty and wellness programme. In the meantime, you or your partner will be enjoying the Black Forest surroundings in one of these dream cars. The glint in the eyes of everyone, be it the pleasure-seekers at the hotel or the AMG drivers, will be clear for everyone to see when they share these unforgettable experiences over an exclusive dinner, where everything can be discussed intensively.

And should your partner, or perhaps your own child, be interested in the AMG event, it is also possible to arrange a ride in the instructor’s vehicle.Please feel free to contact us with your wishes.


The AMG GT/S Show can begin

We want fun.Leave your everyday life behind and experience emotions of a very special kind. Take in the incomparable pleasure ofthe Black Forest atmosphere, enjoy the fantastic roads with picturesque views while truly feeling the driving physics of these super sports cars. These tailor-made AMG events will inspire you our guests, friends or your customers.

 I want it too

With all the passion for performance that everyone experiences at all the Krone AMG GT/S events, we are of course aware ofthe responsibility associated with it. You and your safety are our top priority. We take this into account for each and every step and part of the event – from the selection of the routes to theWe take this into account for each and every step and part of the event – from the selection of the routes to the maintenance of the vehicles, from the experienced instructor at your sideto the vehicle driving out in front. Furthermore, we will not let you out of our sight and you will be permanently connected with the instructor by radio for help. We also dedicate ourselves conscientiously tothe protection ofthe environment. We keep a careful eye on resourcesandensure a certified climate neutral stancefor all active driving participants. After all, it is all about preserving the delightful Black Forest landscapes, in which we drive these AMG GT/S super sports cars around. 

From nought to one hundred in three and a bit seconds – from standing still to a maximum adrenaline rush.

The following quote comes from the World Rally Champion Walter Röhrl: “A car can be called thrilling, when tears of ecstasy from the eyes run horizontally tothe ears when accelerating”.

We really cannot describe the event experience in our super sports cars in a better way than that. After the event, you will love these AMG GT/S super sports carswith their more than 500 brake horsepower.

Interested? Then register quickly by email or telephone on +49 7442 84280.

The Hotel Krone team and Anja and Rolf Hausdorf are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our next free dates

21.04. - 23.04.2017  AMG- GT/S Weekend–Black Forest

12.05. - 14.05.2017 AMG-GT/S  Weekend – Black Forest

19.05.- 21.05.2017  AMG- GT/S Weekend – Black Forest

09.06.- 11.06.2017  AMG- GT/S Weekend – Black Forest

23.06.- 25.06.2017  AMG- GT/S Weekend – Black Forest

30.06.- 02.07.2017  AMG- GT/S Weekend – Black Forest

 Further dates, also upon consultation, to follow.

Please call us on Tel. 07442-8428-0 or


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