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Terms and conditions

of the Event and Driving Academy Igelsberg as organiser.

Your contract partner is exclusively the Hotel Krone Igelsberg with its legal representatives Anja Hausdorf as owner and Rolf Hausdorf as managing director.

Legal notice

 Dear Guest, In cooperation with the event organiser the Hotel Krone / Igelsberg, we offer the active programmes described in the catalogue / package. The terms and conditions ofthe Hotel Krone in Igelsberg may differ due to possible changes to the offer. Please give some attention to these terms and conditions, as you will agree tobe bound by said terms and conditions, which will be communicated to you prior to booking or posted online via our website. They apply toall events and performancesin connection with the driving events with AMG GT vehicles from Hotel Krone Igelsberg. Furthermore, paragraphs 14-16 of these terms and conditions shall also apply to additional services booked at the destination. These conditions supplement §§ 651a-m BGB (Civil Code) as well as §§ 4–11 BGB-InfoV (Ordinance on the Requirement to Provide Information and Supporting Documents in Civil Law).

It is pointed out that the prerequisite for participation in an event as a driver at the Event Academy Igelsberg is that the respective driver can identify himself by way of a valid driving license immediately before the start of the event, and has been in possession ofthe license for at least 6 years, as well as having the appropriate every day experience of driving.

Furthermore, we would like to make you aware that driving behaviour, acceleration, live video with sound and driving speeds are recorded using DATA recording and dashcam for personal analysis on an SD card. The SD card/s, and the stored data, will be copied on to a USB stick and given or sent to you free of charge at the end of the event as a souvenir. The SD cards will be automatically deleted after around 4 weeks, if there are no specific reasons to do otherwise.

 The most important questions as keywords in brief form, binding information in the terms and conditions:

* Vehicles are fully insured, co-payment for self-inflicted accidents €5000 (see 4.3)

* Valid driving license and minimum 25 years of age. In case of proof of participation at the AMG Driving Academy or similar events, participation possible from 21 years old (see 1.4. to 1.6)

 1 Conclusion of the contract.

1.1 By registering, the participant offers the organiser the binding conclusion of the contract.The contract will come into effect with the declaration of acceptance and the booking confirmation. It requires no particular form. At or immediately after conclusion of the contract, the organiser will send the participant written confirmation. The organiser is not obligated to do so if the booking is made by the participant less than 7 working days before the start ofthe event.

1.2 The written confirmation, which the participant receives immediately after conclusion of the contract, contains all essential information about the services booked by the participant.

1.3 If the content ofthe organiser’s declaration of acceptance differs from the content ofthe booking, a new offer should be put forward by the organiser, to which he is bound for a period of 10 days.The contract shall be concluded on the basis of this new offer if the participant declares his/her acceptance explicitly, by way o a down payment or final payment within the binding period.

 1.4 The participant is answerable for all contractual obligations of other parties on the same booking, as well as his own, insofar asthey have undertaken this obligation by means of an explicit and separate declaration.

 1.5 The participant must prove his identity with a valid driving license immediatelybefore a vehicle is handed over on site. Furthermore, the participant assures that no official driving ban has been imposed on him by any official authority.

1.5.1 The followingdriving licenses will be accepted:

• EU-driving licenses

• national driving licenses in German/English language

• national driving licenses from non-EU countries in other languages than English, only with a certified German or English translation

• international driving licenses, only in conjunction with national driving licenses

1.5.2 The participant will not be entitled to participate in the Event Academy Igelsberg event without the prior submission of a valid driving license or in the event of an official driving ban being in force. In such cases, the participation fee will not be refunded.

1.6 Third parties (e.g. hotels, travel agencies or transport companies) are not authorised by the event organiser to make any agreements, provide information or make assurances which modify or change the agreed content of the contract, exceed the contractually agreed services ofthe organiser or contradict the description of the event.

 2 Payment

 2.1 After the conclusion of the contract and subsequent confirmation ofthe reservation and / or booking, a deposit of 50% ofthe total participation fee will be due for payment. The balance is payable no later than 30 days prior tothe start of the event.

 2.2 The amounts payable for the deposit and balanceand, if applicable, for cancellation, will be made clear in the confirmation. The fees arising in the event of a cancellation (see paragraph 9), processing and alteration fees (paragraph 9, 11)and fees for individual event arrangements (see paragraph 7), are payable immediately.

 2.3 The prices quoted are in Euro including VAT. The invoice amount is payable without deductions. Payment by bank transfer to the Hotel Krone Igelsberg bank account is only possible in Euro, and only when a booking number or event name is provided. In the case of transfers being made from abroad, the participant will be responsible forthe payment of any extra fees that arise.

2.4 The participantmay also pay the outstanding fee by using a credit card. In these cases, the credit card data will be requested separately at the time of booking. The organiser also additionally requires the participant’s address, or, where relevant, the address of the recipient of the document, as well as the consent of the participant in the form of a signature, allowing withdrawal of monies from their current account via the credit card.

 2.5 In the case of short-term bookings made from 7 days before the start ofthe event, the participant will receive his / her documents after consultation with the hotel. In your own interest, we ask that you carefully check the event documentation upon receipt of them.

 2.6 If payments are not made or not completely carried out according tothe agreed terms of payment, and the participant still does not pay after a reminder and period of grace, the organiser can withdraw from the respective contract, unless a significant deficiency of the planned event already exists at this time.

 2.7 In the event of the organiser withdrawing from the contract within the bounds of the previous point, the organiser may demand reimbursement fees as compensation in accordance with paragraph 9 of these terms and conditions. If the participant fails to make payments, despite said payments being due, the organiser reserves the right to levy a fee of 10€ forthe second reminder. Proof of non-incurred or substantially lower costs remains unaffected by the participant.

 2.8 Costs for extra services are not included in the participation fee, unless expressly stated in the description of services. If such costs arise, they will be charged separately.

 3 Services/Prices

3.1 Exactly which services have been contractually agreed, can be found in the written description ofthe service descriptions (e.g. catalogue, flyer, internet) and the related informationaccording tothe written confirmation.

 3.2 With payment of the participation fee, the event organiser Hotel Krone Igelsbergwill fulfil the following:

• Provision of a new or equivalent Mercedes Benz AMG GT/S vehicle (including petrol) in accordance with the event description and separate specially arranged rental contract (see paragraph 4)

• Accommodation and boardaccording tothe event description

• Local taxes

• Accident insurance

• Travel cancellation insurance

• Motor vehicle third party liability insurance, fully comprehensive insurance (see paragraph 4.3 to 4.5)

• Event documentation

• Tour management /guide vehicle including instructor

 3.3 The following costs shall be borne by the participant:

• Cost of arrival and departure (unless otherwise stated in the documents)

• Extra costs at the hotel (drinks at the bar, alcoholic drinks during the evening meal etc.)

 3.4 Before the conclusion ofthe contract, the organiser can at any time make changes to the service descriptions, which will of course be communicated to the participantbefore the booking takes place.

4 Vehicles

 4.1 Within the framework of the events, the HotelKrone Igelsberg will provide vehicles of the Mercedes Benz AMG GT/S brand. A prerequisite forthe vehicle handover is that the participant signs a separate vehicle lease contract with the Hotel Krone. The participant is entitled to claim that a specific vehicle of the type Mercedes Benz AMG GT/S is made available to him/her. The vehicles shall be occupied by 2 people. The option of single use (“single driver”) for an extra surchargeis subject to availabilityand in consultation with Hotel Krone Igelsberg.

4.2 In addition to a valid driving license, the participant must also provide his/her ID card / passport as well as a valid credit card at check-in on the day of arrival. The data will be transferred, together with the participant’s private address, tothe vehicle rental contract with Hotel Krone Igelsberg. This contract is to be signed by the participantas a prerequisite for participation.

 4.3 For the rental vehicles within the scope of an event, there is fully comprehensive insurance. The participant is liable for self-caused accidents and damage to the vehicles with an excess of 5000 Euro. The excess of 5000 Euro per event of damage is indicated in the respective lease agreement with the Hotel Krone.

  4.4 If the third party or fully comprehensive liability insurance is not liable due to wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of the participant, or if the third party insurance held by Hotel Krone Igelsbergcan takeredress against 

the participant as a result of his/her behaviour, or if the damage caused by the participant is not covered by the third party car insurance, the participant will be liable for all damaged caused. In the case of gross negligence, the organiser shall be entitled to assert claims against the participant at a level commensurate with the severity ofthe fault, up tothe amount ofthe total damage.

 4.6 Participation using your own AMG GT vehicle at special events

 4.6.1 As event organiser, the Hotel Krone Igelsbergreserves the right to offer specifically designated events, whereby participation with self-owned AMG GT vehicles is possible.

 4.6.2 Only vehicles which are covered by statutory liability insurance and which comply with the requirements ofthe German Road Traffic Regulations will be allowed to participate.

 4.6.3 Vehicles with temporary vehicle registration plates will not be permitted to participate.

  4.6.4 Vehicles which take part in a special Hotel Krone Igelsberg event, can only do so when the parts and equipment they are equipped with are approved by TÜV and are registered in the vehicle documents.

 4.6.5 The event organiser reserves the right to exclude vehicles from an event which do not satisfy the above requirements according to points 4.6.2 to 4.6.4. There will be no claim for the provision of a replacement vehicle.

 4.6.6 The event organiser advises participants to clarify with their respective motor vehicle insurance company the existence of third party and, if necessary, fully comprehensive insurance cover with regard tothe planned participation in an event.

 4.6.7 In the event of participants using their own vehicle, in deviation from the regular agreement, petrol will not be included in the price of participation.

  5 Accompanying persons

Each vehicle will be occupied by 2 drivers / full-paying participants. Therefore, accompanying persons are not included in the driving programme. In exceptional cases, children / accompanying persons from the age of 12 may take a place in the instructor‘svehicle when he / she consents to this (participation fee on request). The custodian must sign a disclaimer for the minor.

6 Safety precautions

 6.1 For the entirety of each event, the instructions provided by the Krone Igelsberg staff and those of the instructor must be followed at all times. The use of seatbelts is compulsory.

 6.2 The use of mobile phones, personal computers and other electronic devices, as well as smoking while driving is strictly forbiddenfor both the driver and the passenger.

 6.3 In case of gross breaches of driving discipline, the organiser is entitled to exclude the participant from further participation. A reimbursement ofthe participation fee, also proportionally, will not be made in these cases.

 6.4 There will be an absolute alcohol ban during the event duration(0 parts per thousand)and a ban on other intoxicating drugs or medicines that can affect or impair the ability to drive.Each participant must, by his/her own behaviour, ensure that these requirements are fulfilled, even before the event starts.The event management is entitled to exclude the participant from further participation in the event of a reasoned suspicion that alcohol or drugs or other intoxicating agents have been consumed or taken. A reimbursement ofthe participation fee will not be made in these cases.

6.5 During the event you will be driving on public roads. The participant is solely responsible for his / her behaviour. Any notification of breach of the Road Traffic Regulations will be forwarded by the organiser tothe participant and, if necessary, the participant’s address will be passed on to the authorities.

6.6 In the interest of safety, the transportation of animals is not permitted at any time.

7 Special wishes

The event organiser will endeavour to meet the wishes of the participant in the case of special services which are not described in the service description (e.g. neighbouring rooms or rooms in a specific location, car rental model request). We will gladly extend the stay, if appropriate accommodationand repatriation is possible. The cost of an extension tothe stay is payable immediately and directly on site.

7.1 Insofar as supplementary services (massages, minibar etc.) have been booked by the participant after the first invoice has been issued, or have been booked during the event, the Hotel Krone Igelsberg reserves the right to cancel the original invoiceand to issue a new invoice which will be sent to the participant.

 8 Service and price changes

8.1 Changes and deviations to individual services from the agreed content ofthe contract, which become necessary after conclusion ofthe contract and which were not promoted by the organiser in good faith, are only permitted, insofar as they are not substantial and do not affect the overall appearance of the booked event.

 8.2 Possible warranty claims remain unaffected in the event that the modified services are unsatisfactory. The event organiseris obliged to notify the participant immediately of any changes or deviations to the offered services or, where applicable, offer a free change of reservation or free cancellation.

9 Event begin/cancellation fees

9.1 The participant can withdraw from the event at any time prior to the start of the event. In such cases, it is essential that the notice of cancellation is received by the event organiser (address tobe found at the end of these terms and conditions). The participant is obliged to declare his/her notice of withdrawal in writing.

 9.2 If the participant withdraws from the event or does not take part in the event, the organiser loses the entitlement to the participation fee. Instead, the organiser can make a claim for reasonable compensation, depending on the respective participation fee (including eventual additional services), when the withdrawal from or non-participation in the event is not the responsibility of the organiser and is not a case of force majeure, for the event preparations and expenses (cancellation fees) in the period up to the date of withdrawal or non-participation. These cancellation fees are compliant with the followingparagraphs, taking into account the proximity ofthe date of withdrawal tothe contractually agreed start ofthe event, as a percentage ofthe participation fee (including any additional services booked). Expenses typically savedand normal possible other use of the services are taken into account.

 9.3 Cancellation fees shall also be payable if the participant fails to arrive at the respective venue at the time stated in the event documentation, or if the event is cancelled due to missing travel documents, not caused by the organiser, for example when passport or the necessary visa documents are not available.

9.4 The participant shall not be required to provide proof that no, or substantially lower costs have been incurred in connection with the cancellation or non-commencement of the event than those expenses imposed by the event organiser as a flat rate cost in each individual case.

 9.5 The flat rate claim for cancellation fees per person for cancellations of events prior to the event commencement up until the day ofthe start ofthe event, or no-show at the event, is 90% ofthe participation fee.

 9.6 In the case of only other mediated additional services such as green fees, entry tickets, extra night stays (see paragraph 1), the cancellation conditions ofthe respective provider at the time of the booking will apply.

 9.7 The event organiser reserves the right, in deviation from the above mentioned flat rates, to demand a higher amount of compensation. In such a case, the organiser is obliged to quantify the required compensation specifically, taking into account the saved expenses and eventual other use for the service which was cancelled.

10 Gift voucher orders/Gift certificates

 10.1 If a gift voucher is returned after the voucher has been issued for a certain value, a processing fee of 5% of the value ofthe voucher will be charged. The payment can only be made tothe person who ordered the voucher. The right to prove that substantially lower or no costs were incurred by the event organiser remains unaffected. The right toa substitute participant (see paragraph 11) shall remain unaffected by the above conditions.

 10.2 The voucher is only redeemable for services provided by Hotel Krone Igelsberg. Redeeming the voucher for additional services, such as changing a booking or cancellation fees, is not possible. The voucher can only be redeemed through the event organiser Hotel Krone Igelsberg. The voucher can be split between different bookings. Cash payment of any eventual remaining balance is not possible. Remaining balances under 50 Euro will not be reimbursed and will be forfeited. Remaining vouchers with a value of less than 50 Euro will not bemade out.

 10.3 The voucher and its redemption are subject to Federal Republic of Germany law. The voucher is valid for 3 years from the end ofthe issuance year.

 11 Changes to booking/Substitute participant

 11.1 At the request ofthe participant, the organiser shall, as far as is practicable, amend the confirmation of booking (change to booking) up to the 31st day before the start of the event. A charge of 50 Euro per person will be raised.Changes to the booking will be, for example, changing the date, start location, event destination, accommodation or type of transport.

 11.2 Up tothe start of the event, the participant can request that a third party enter into his or her rights and obligations arising from the contract. For this purpose, written notification to the event organiser is required. In turn, the organiser can object to the third party’s participation instead of the participant, if the third party does not meet the special requirements of the event or his/her participation requirements are in conflict with official regulations.

 11.2.1 If a third party takes the place of a registered participant, the event organiser shall be entitled to demand a flat rate processing fee of 50 Euro. The right ofthe participant to prove that substantially lower or no costs were incurred remains unaffected.

 11.2.2 The paying registered participant and the substitute third party are jointly liable for paying the extra costs incurred through the inclusion of the replacement participant.

12 Insurances

Events organised by the Hotel Krone Igelsbergdo not generally include personal insurance packages or participant accident insurance.



13 Cancellation and termination by the event organiser

 13.1 The event organiser may terminate the contract without noticeif the participant, despite proper warnings from the organiser, continues to disrupt the event. This also applies if the conduct of the participant grossly violates the terms ofthe contract to such an extent that the immediate termination ofthe contract is justified. The organiser reserves the right to retain the participation fee. The disruptive participant shall bear the costs of repatriation himself/herself. However, the organiser must make due adjustments to cost that take into account the value of any expenditure saved, as well as such benefits generated by the components not used by the participant and put to other meaningful use or any refunds received from service providers.

 13.2 The organiser may cancel the event up to 5 weeks (from receipt by the participant) before the start of the event, should the minimum number of participants not be reached. The organiser shall, of course, notify the participant as soon as it becomes apparent that the minimum number of participants will not be reached. The notice of cancellation will be sent tothe participant immediately. The participant shall be immediately refunded the participation fee paid.

 13.3 In the case of the organiser cancelling the contract, the participant shall be entitled to demand participation in another event of at least equal value, provided the organiser is able to offer such an event without incurring extra costs for the participant. The participant shall assert his right against the organiser immediately after receiving notification of cancellation from the organiser. If the participant does not exercise their right to participate in an event of equal value, they shall immediately be refunded the participation fee paid.

 14 Extraordinary circumstances / Force majeure

 14.1 In the case of termination of the contract due to force majeure, we refer you to § 651j of the German Civil Code.

15 Redress/Price reduction/Termination

 15.1 If a service is not fulfilled or not fulfilled according to the contract, the participant will be entitled to demand redress. The participant is obliged to inform the organiser immediately of any deficiency relating to the event. If the participant fails to do so on account of a fault of their own, no reduction in the participation fee will be possible. This shall not apply only in the event that the information is deemed recognisably hopeless or unreasonable for other reasons.

 15.2 The participant is obliged to immediately inform the event management at the location of the event about their complaint. If no event management is available at the location ofthe event, the organiser should be informed of any deficiencies ofthe event at their place of business. Participants will be advised of the contact details of the event management or organiser in the service description or, at the latest, in the event documentation. The event management is responsible for providing redress, insofar as this is possible.However, they shall not be authorised to accept any claims made by the participant.

 15.3 The event organisermay also provide for redress by rendering a service of equal or higher value. The event organiser can refuse to provide redress if this would involve unreasonable expenditure.

15.4 After returning back from the event, the participant may request a price reduction, if services were not provided in conformity to the contract and they did not culpably fail to notify the organiser ofthe deficiency immediately (without undue delay).

 15.5 If the event is seriously impaired as a result of a deficiency, and the organiser does not provide redress within a reasonable period, the participant may terminate the contract in line with the statutory provisions – in their own interest, it is recommended that the participant put the notice of termination in writing in orderto document it as evidence. The same applies if the participant cannot be reasonably expected for good cause to participate as a result of a deficiency acknowledged by the organiser. The setting of a deadline for providing redress does not apply if redress is impossible or the organiser refuses to provide redress or if the immediate termination ofthe contract is justified in the special interest ofthe participant. If the contract is terminated in this way, the participant shall be entitled to repatriation.The participant shall only owe the organiser that part of the participation price which was allocated to the services they used, if such services were of interest to them.

 16 Liability

 16.1 Participants take part in events organised by Hotel Krone Igelsbergat their own risk.

 16.2 If a deficiency exists, the participantis entitled, irrespective of a reduction in the participation price or termination, to claim damages, unless the deficiency of the event was caused by circumstances beyond the organiser’s control. They may also claim damages for wasted holiday time if the event was ruined or seriously impaired.

16.3 Contractual claims for damages: the organiser’s contractual liability for damages, other than for personal injury, is limited to three timesthe participation fee, as far as the damage suffered was not caused wilfully or through gross negligence by the organiser. The limitation of the liability to three times the participation fee also applies to damage to the participant, other than personal injury, for which the organiser’s responsibility is solely due to the fault of a service provider.

 16.4 Claims for damages based on tort: all claims for damages asserted against the organiser for tort that are not due to wilful acts or acts of gross negligence are limited with respect to damage to property tothe amount of three times the participation fee. These liability amounts apply per participant and event.

 16.5 The event organiser shall not be liable for interruptions to services, personal injury and damage to property related to services for which they acted merely as agent  and only mediated services rendered by an outside party (e.g. excursions, sports events, theatre visits, exhibitions, transportation to and from the specified places of departure and destinations), if these services were explicitly designated in the event description and the booking confirmation states that the services are rendered by an external party so that they are discernible to the participant as not being part of the service rendered by the organiser.

 16.6 The organiser is, however, liable for services which include the transportation of participants from the specified place of departure for the event to the specified destination, interim transportation during the event and the accommodation during the event, if and insofar as the damage suffered by the participant was causally due to the organiser breaching their obligations to inform, advise and organise.

 16.7 The participant is solely responsible for his participation in sports and other leisure activities. The participant shall inspect the sports facilities, equipment and vehicles themselves before using them. The organiser will only be liable for accidents which occur in the course of sports events and other leisure activities, when caused by them.The organiser recommends that participants take out their own accident insurance.

 16.8 Each participant is individually responsible for arriving at the event destination in good time, unlesstheir late arrival is the resultof wilful or grossly negligent behaviour on the part ofthe organiser.

  17 Duty of cooperation/complaints

In the event of disruption to services, each participant shall be obliged to cooperate in avoiding or minimising possible damage within the framework ofthe statutory provisions. If the participant culpably omits to report a deficiency, they shall not have any right to assert any subsequent claims.

 18 Exclusion from claims, limitation and assignment

 18.1 Claims on account ofthe event not being provided in accordance with the contract (§§ 651c–f of the German Civil Code) must be asserted to the organiserwithin one month after the end of the event as specified in the contract (address at the end of these terms and conditions). In the interest of the participant, this should be made in writing. The participant may only assert a claim after the expiry ofthe period if they were prevented from doing so earlier by circumstances beyond their control. Claims asserted by the participant under §§ 651c–f of the German Civil Codefor losses resulting from fatal injury, bodily harm or damage to health, which were caused by wilful or negligent breach of duty on the part ofthe organiser or a legal representative or vicarious agent ofthe organiser, will lapse according to the statute of limitations after 2 years. This also applies to claims for compensation for other damages that arise from a wilful or grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of the organiser or a legal representative or vicarious agent of the organiser.

 18.2 All other claims asserted under §§ 651c–f of the German Civil Code will lapse after 1 year in accordance with the statute of limitations.

18.3 The determining date for the lapse of claims in the above paragraph is based on the day that followsthe day on whichthe contractual event ends.

 19 Data protection

The personal data provided by the participant to the organiser will be stored in a central database managed by the organiser. The data which is provided will only be used for the purposes of contract handling and customer management and in accordance with data protection regulations.

 20 Right of withdrawal by the organiser

The organiser shall have the right to withdraw from the contract, as well as theimplementation of an event, as soon as proper implementation of an event due to reasons beyond his control is no longer possible. These include:

* sudden illness / death of the organiser or their representative

* Damage, accidents or necessary repairs to the event vehicles, which were not foreseeable or were of no fault of the organiser.

* Severe weather, political and social unrest, as well as other disasters and their consequences, which make the implementation ofthe event difficult or even impossible for some parts ofthe event, without danger to participants or vehicles.

The participantthen has the right to the full, or, when the event has already begun, proportionate compensation or reimbursement of the participation price or, alternatively,free booking of an event at a later date. See also 16.2.

21 Place of jurisdiction/General information

21.1 The recipient ofthe contract documents and the written confirmation is obliged to check the documents received immediately to ensure their correctness (name, travel dates, destination etc.) and to immediately notify the organiser in the event of any errors.

21.2 If the individual provisions ofthe contract are ineffective, the effectiveness ofthe entire contract shall remain unaffected. The same shall apply to these terms and conditions.

21.3 The contractual relationship between the participant and the organiser shall be subject exclusively to German law. The same shall apply to the entire legal relationship.

 21.4 Insofar as legal action is taken by the participant against the organiser in foreign countries, and German law is not applied to the liability of the organiser on account of the reason of the action, then German law shall apply exclusively to the legal consequences, in particular, regarding the type, scope and amount of the claim of the participant.

 21.5 The participant can take legal action against the organiser only at the place where the organiser has its domicile.

 21.6 Any legal action taken by the organiser against the participant must be made at the place where the participant is resident.The venue forany legal action against a participant or contract partner of a contract, who are merchants, legal persons under publicor private law, or persons who are domiciled or have their place of residence in a foreign country or whose domicile or usual residence is unknown at the time the action istaken, is agreed as the place where the organiser has its registered office.

 21.7 The aforementioned conditions on the choice of lawand the legal venue do not apply,a) if and insofar as something else applies in favour ofthe participant on the basis of contractually mandatory regulations of international agreements and which are applicable tothe contract between the participant and the organiser,or

b) if and insofar as mandatory regulationsin the member state of the European Union to which the participant belongs are applicable to this contract and are more favourabletothe participant than the regulations in these terms and conditions or the applicable German provisions.

 These terms and conditions apply to the event organiser:

Hotel Krone Igelsberg, owner Anja Hausdorf, Registered court Freudenstadt / Deutschland  Telephone: +49 7442 84280                                                                                                                                      Telefax: +49 7442 50372                                                                                                                                     Email:                                                                                                                          Internet:

Bankdetails: Volksbank Freudenstadt  IBAN 0264 2910 1000 3769 2003

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